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Triple Points Trainings | TBD

From time to time Triple Point Calibrations offers Training Sessions. Please contact us for any our free sessions or customised training sessions. 


Past Events

Introduction to Portable Appliance Testing | 8 March 2017

FREE for NECA Members: One and Half Hour Info Session on benefits,tips and trick of using Portable Appliance Testing.

This seminar is designed for existing or future users of Portable Appliance Testing using the Trisan S8 PAT Tester, to learn the basic operation of equipment and software.

Introduction to Fluke Power Quality Workshop | 2 March 2017

Led by our in-house Specialist! Gain understanding and knowledge of the principles, practices and problems associated with power quality.

This workshop is designed to give you fundamental knowledge into the THEORY and TERMS used in Power Quality so you can use the right tools, and detect and prevent power quality problems. 

Introduction to Thermography Hands-on Seminar | 17th November 2015

FREE Hands-On Workshops for Master Electricians SA Members.

This seminar is designed for existing or future users of thermal imagers to learn ways to enhance their understanding of applications, thermography essentials and the basic operation of equipment and software.

Thermal Imaging Hands-on Training Workshops | 9th July 2015

FREE Hands-On Workshops that will help you learn how to troubleshoot faster and avoid downtime using the latest thermal imaging technology.

This schedule is updated often, we recommend you bookmark this page so you can check back frequently and you don't miss these free training opportunities.